SOCH | Advitya Pahel for Inclusion | “Umeed ki Kahani” Educating the economically weaker sections | S&H for Psychological well being

Soch India

Why? 5.76% to 6.99%- Growing incidence rate of children with developmental difficulties

Catering to the needs of children with neuro-developmental disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, adhd, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome) and other speech, communication, social, adjustment and behavioral difficulties

Parent Counselling and intervention

Advitya Pahel

Why? 2.2 % of the world population is struggling adult population of special needs

Suggestive Inclusion Model – Accomodating typically developing children (Belonging to EWS) with special needs children; benefitting both the group
Training and preparing the adult population of special needs for real world

Umeed Ki Kahani

Why? Less than half of India's children between the age 6 and 14 are school dropouts. At least 35 million children aged 6 - 14 years do not attend any school.

To enhance psycho-social-emotional development of children
To educate, train and equip them with problem solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking and decision making abilities.
To prevent their susceptibility to deviant behavior.
To provide them with interventions and counseling if required.

Strong and Healthy Minds

Why? WHO estimates that about 7.5% of the Indian suffers from some form of mental disorder

Break the stigmas surrounding mental health conditions in the country through our training programs, workshops and Mental Health Series.
Provide sound mental health care through effective counseling strategies