This is mostly concerned about accepting women’s viewpoints, making an effort to raise them to the standards of men by using education, literacy, etc.
It also includes things like enabling them to participate in the political structure of the nation along with the decision-making process.
We as an organization believe in women empowerment and also help women in achieving the same.
We have launched an initiative where we have employed the women who are underprivileged and have told them to make products like greeting cards.
These will then be sold to the corporates and these women will also be paid some amount of cash.
There is a program here where the women will be able to learn and take courses which will help them and benefit them as they will be able to know more about mental disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Inclusion- Inclusion is seen as a universal human right. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other need. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance (removal of barriers). It affects all aspects of public life.
In education “inclusion” has become the term used to describe the right of parents and children to access mainstream education alongside their peers, where parents want it and children’s needs can be met.
An inclusive setting works towards providing effective planning and different activities (differentiation) in order to meet individual needs.
A number of educational establishments have found that a move towards inclusive education has led to an improvement in general educational standards.

Empowering the community together…

Let’s be the change we envison: a great future is built by the steps we take today!

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Families and Children Helped

It has always been pleasure, to work Meera Foundation. They have been doing amazing works for the cause of poor and needy. They are extremely committed to and passionate group.

Soumalya Maiti, Teacher

I am glad to associate with the Organisation in all its activities .They deserve support and encouragement from the world of philanthropy. Their thinkings for the good of society is very praise worthy.

Debasis Manna, Govt. Employee of Postal Dept.

Self Employed : I being a mom of a child really very excited to know that Meera Foundation has been learning painting and making soft toys so enthusiastically and the teachers here are so co operate that every kids learn it in a lovely way.

Prantika Mondal, Self Employed

“I received a wonderful support and help from strong and healthy minds. My counselor was very warm and empathetic to understand everything. Its going to help me a lot in the long run.”

Namsiha, Client

“I would recommend S&H to anyone who feels low. I’m greatful for their services and considerate approach”

Akansha, Client

“Words fall short to express the guidence and support that I have recieved from S&H. I’m now able to understand myself better and grow in positive direction”

Afreen, Client

“Strong and healthy mind is the need of the hour and need of the community. Community mental health has become more important than ever”

Malvika Samnani , Co-Founder, Meera Foundation